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Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom

Warning: The Nt Mini Noir Jailbreak firmware's CopyNES feature may produce bad dumps (e.g. CHR corruption) of some Famicom carts, at least on versions before v6.6 (Feb. 22, 2021).

There are many tools available to dump NES / Famicom carts, not all of them are simple to use though. To ensure successful dumps, we won't be listing beta/in progress methods or tools below.

  1. Sanni Cartreader
  2. RetroFreak

To read Nintendo/Famicom cartridges you need the NES(or Famicom) to SNES adapter PCB and have the configuration switches set like so:


Then you need to find the mapper and size information of the cartridge you want to dump in one of these databases:

The Cart Reader follows the no-intro standard and does not add any additional data to the dumped roms like an iNES header. In case you want to use the rom in an emulator you will have to add the iNES header manually using a program on your PC.

A video of how this works can be found here:

Methodology captured from

The RetroFreak is a great little emulation machine that uses physical carts similar to the Retron5.

Under standard conditions it is possible to let the RetroFreak copy the cart contents to an SD card, but they're always encrypted.

However, by using custom firmware and a few configurations to two files, you can get unencrypted dumps of your carts onto your SD card.


Will this brick your system? Hopefully not. Proceed on your own risk.

Get the binaries

Start by downloading the release of hissori's retrofd project.

Make sure you get the release that's _smaller_ than your SD card. If your SD card is 16GB you should get the 8GB release, etc.


This will overwrite your SD card, so make sure you make backups of anything important before proceeding.

Unpack the retrofd zip file, and then use something like balenaEtcher to transfer the contests onto an empty SD card.


There are two small file edits that you need to do. To make it simple, you can replace the existing files on your SD card with the ones attached.

Here are the changed files:


# clear micro SD partition 2/3
# Log copy daemon

#!/sbin/busybox sh

while ! busybox grep "/mnt/external_sd" /proc/mounts > /dev/null
	busybox sleep 1

# copy log files(/mnt/ram/log/*) to SD(/retrofd/log) if new ones exist
while : ;
	busybox find $srcd -maxdepth 1 -type f | busybox sed -e 's/.*\///' | while read logfile
		[ -f "$dstd/$logfile" ] || busybox sleep 5 && busybox cp "$srcd/$logfile" $dstd/
	busybox sleep 1


Boot up the RetroFreak with the new SD card inserted, you should be able to use and play your carts like normal. Once you insert a cart, let RetroFreak install it to the SD card. Now start the game for a few seconds.

After you've started a game, the unencrypted dump will be copied onto your SD card under `/retrofd/log`. You can now exit the game and continue with the next cart.

Once you've turned off the RetroFreak, you can take out the SD card and look the contents and verify your unencrypted dumps.

They should have names such as `homebrewgame-decrypted.NES` and `awesomehomebrew-decrypted.SFC`.

Needs verification You might also be able to use the above method to dump an unencrypted BIOS of your Famicom Disk System. Plug in the RAM adapter and follow the instructions above to save the encrypted BIOS on your SD card. Then start an FDS game that you have loaded onto the SD card and the BIOS should be dumped into the same location as mentioned above.

Description of how to verify that is a dump is correct.

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  • General Note: If you are submitting this info to a person/group in order for them to add it to a database, you can skip the transcription of some things, and leave it to them. But it can make the process smoother if you do the transcription yourself.

Point to external submission information for No-Intro/Redump.

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