General Disc Dumping

This dumping guide is for:

  • Any CD format, including (but not limited to): console games, Audio CD, and PC games (supports dumping games with the following copy protection: SecuRom 3, CDS100, CDS200, Label Gate, XCP).
  • DVD based formats including: PlayStation 2 (see also: PlayStation 2 Betas with Read Issues), Xbox original, Xbox 360, PC games on DVD-Rom, DVD-Video. Incompatible discs include DVD-Audio.
  • Blu-Ray / BD-Rom: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 3 (partial, no decryption key extraction). BD-Video dumping is supported, but see also BD-Video Key Extraction.

For other systems and formats please see the sidebar list.

Our recommended tool for dumping discs is Aaru. With Aaru you get a deduped and compressed image which is built for preservation purposes, and can be converted to many other formats for different uses cases.

However, if you are dumping a disc to submit to redump.org they currently only support DiscImageCreator dumps. We recommend using MPF as the frontend for that.

  1. Aaru - command line
  2. MPF (formerly DICUI) - graphical UI for Aaru and DiscImageCreator

Download and install/unzip Aaru for your supported system here: https://github.com/aaru-dps/Aaru/releases.

For now, use version 5.2 until 5.3 LTS comes out. Do not use any 6.0 pre-releases!

Aaru has its own image format that's deduped and compressed, and can be converted into a myriad of other compatible formats. It stores every aspect of the disc, so we recommend using this for preservation purposes and then you can convert your resulting image to another format for other uses.

To run Aaru using the command line you simply put your PS2 DVD in your compatible drive, and run the following command (with d: being your DVD drive and e: being an external drive you use for storing dumps):

aaru media dump d: e:\GAMENAME_PS2.aaruf

To verify your dump against other existing dumps, you can then look into the resulting GAMENAME_PS2.cicm.xml to find all information needed such as size, hashes, etc. Make sure you look at the right set of information, for PS2 hashes on redump for instance they share information about “Tracks”, not the whole image.

So look into your GAMENAME_PS2.cicm.xml file and you will find something similar to this, and then you can verify against other existing hashes:

      <Image format="BINARY">GAMENAME_PS2.aaruf</Image>
        <Checksum type="adler32">29f96122</Checksum>
        <Checksum type="crc16">74be</Checksum>
        <Checksum type="crc32">0ae99f85</Checksum>
        <Checksum type="crc64">28cf6ffab5d0f917</Checksum>
        <Checksum type="md5">e4bc96afba979fb3741798c788e07d45</Checksum>
        <Checksum type="sha1">d149e948e2aa1c8aeecd49fa6b17f791f1942c8b</Checksum>
        <Checksum type="sha256">a132bc64f2a615c7e4a0eecff53eedb63dcd252c96bd3a6a83aa6896267fda48</Checksum>
        <Checksum type="sha384">a3ac2b309f4c745bff1469b973b0788e220ecb888571439f1728d4298990136006104ea472e1aa27d064d4285ca788ca</Checksum>
        <Checksum type="sha512">3abceb2d4ddbe7d82db2989cd5b71933fca86e282d5e96fd0468ff4d53d31b7319ee410c019c32494c5aeb33747958ace8bac1936855cc1a96933c0f02065705</Checksum>
        <Checksum type="spamsum">100663296:wWoks5UfQz0wAeuJeI3ilF15WsbOdx8mml37W6q:Mks5U4z0qm3ilF15Ucd7W6</Checksum>
        <Checksum type="fletcher16">8a6d</Checksum>
        <Checksum type="fletcher32">02884b22</Checksum>

Description, tools needed, and expected outcome

Description of how to verify that is a dump is correct.

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  • General Note: If you are submitting this info to a person/group in order for them to add it to a database, you can skip the transcription of some things, and leave it to them. But it can make the process smoother if you do the transcription yourself.

Point to external submission information for No-Intro/Redump.

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