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Welcome to Dumping.Guide!

This wiki is a community-driven effort in documenting preferred methods of preserving video games by the method of “dumping” them from their original physical media in ways that supports:

  • commonly used formats
  • consistent and repeatable methods for creating dumps
  • verification against other dumps

We want to assist the global preservation community with information that will help them in their efforts of preserving video games on discs, carts, floppies, and other media.

If you have subject matter expertise in dumping a specific system or media, or perhaps how to best use a specific software or hardware tool for dumping, we would love to have you join in on the effort! Please see the todo page for systems, tools, and media that we need help with, and dig in :)

A lot of information has been gathered from the and wikis and communities, an enormous thank you to everyone who has spent time and effort building tools and guides for a huge variety of systems.

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