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Dumping tool and version: 
Dump creation date: 
Dump release date: 

Language Select: 
WikiData ID:

ROM Region:
ROM Revision:
ROM Serial:

MD5 hash: 
SHA-1 hash: 
SHA-256 hash: 

Physical Media Serial 1: 
Physical Media Serial 2:
Physical Media Stamp: 
PCB Serial: 
ROM Chip Serial 1: 
ROM Chip Serial 2:
ROM Chip Serial 3:  
Box Serial 1: 
Box Serial 2: 
Box Serial 3: 
Box Barcode: 

Links to
Cart Images: 
PCB Images: 
Box Images: 

NDS/3DS specific

Submitting info for NDS and 3DS games requires checksums for the encrypted and decrypted dump.

Encrypted ROM file info
MD5 hash: 
SHA-1 hash: 
SHA-256 hash: 

Decrypted ROM file info
MD5 hash: 
SHA-1 hash: 
SHA-256 hash: 
  • Decrypted ROM file info: To encrypt a copy of the ROM to get the encrypted hashes, use NDecrypt, or GodMode9 itself (use “NCSD image options”>“Decrypt file” on the copy)
  • ROM Serial: You can find this at 0x1150 in the ROM.
  • ROM Revision: You can find this at 0x312 in the ROM.
  • .txt file: Its a good idea to provide the .txt file produced by GodMode9 as it includes additional info: cart ID, save chip ID, dump date (if the 3DS internal clock is set correctly) and the GodMode9 version.
  • PCB Serial: Use for for the triangle character, one space character ( ) for each empty “slot” and for the small circle characters (which don't always appear).
  • ROM Chip Serial: You may not want to open the cart, as its possible the plastic will break or that the cart won't be easy to put together again. However this hasn't been tested thoroughly. The ROM chip serial isn't so important for DS/3DS as the pertinent info is also written on the outside of the cart.
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