insideGadgets GBxCart RW v1.4 BennVenn Joey Jr V2++ OSCR Epilogue GB Operator insideGadgets GBxCart RW v1.3
tested with FW: R36+L7, SW: FlashGBX v3.14 tested with FW: V2_02_29 Beta Firmware 64K untested / source code analysis untested / according to official website tested with FW: L1, SW: FlashGBX v3.14
Media Type ROM Save ROM Save ROM Save ROM Save ROM Save
No Mapper ✓ (some exceptions) ✓ (some exceptions)
GBA Video ???
8M FLASH DACS ??? ???
2048M Multi Repro ✓ (embedded in ROM) ✓ (separated parts) ✓ (embedded in ROM) ??? ??? ✓ (embedded in ROM)
1M SRAM Repro ??? ???
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