Neo Geo Pocket (WIP)

Check the dumping hardware overview for a list of known preservation hardware.

If you need help, please come chat with us on the VGPC or No-Intro discord servers.

This guide covers both the original monochrome Neo Geo Pocket and its successor: the Neo Geo Pocket Color.

The two current methods are finicky and will require making multiple dumps

This thread on the no-intro forum gives an in-depth summary of the challenges in dumping this system's games.

The Open Source Cartridge Reader (OSCR) requires building or purchasing an adapter to dump NGP cartridges. Make sure your OSCR is running the latest available software, as versions released before September 2021 (older than software V8.0) don't properly detect locked sectors and can accidentally include save data in dumps.

Visit the OSCR wiki for proper settings, and dumping instructions.

Also known as the “Gamebank NGP,” this tool is somewhat unreliable. It has software with both Windows and macOS support, but it's proprietary/closed source and no longer receives updates.

The Hidden Palace recommends dumping carts at least six times and using the most-common hash.

Unscrew the back of the cartridge with a T7 torx screw driver and lift up the top half of the cart's shell to expose the PCB.

Game serials are printed on the cartridge label and always start with NEOP0. After that is the game ID. Generally, the final digit will be region.

  • 0 - Japan
  • 1 - USA
  • 7 - BEST Collection reprints

European releases have their final digit omitted.

Version info isn't marked on the label and requires dumping. This data is stored at address 0x22.

For example, the “Crush Roller” game ID is 038, so the full serial is NEOP00380 for Japanese and NEOP00381 for the USA release.

Once you've dumped your games, it's time to generate and submit metadata to a preservation project for validating and cataloging. See the dump submission instructions for more information.

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