Title of the system (Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Mega Drive, etc)

todo: more detail

more useful info:

Basic info from Darksabre76: KryoFlux, Greaseweazel, SCP as options for most, ZoomFloppy and Applesauce (???) for C64 and Apple respectively

  • Compatible drive needed. 5.25 generally all work (flippy-modified drive for KF + C64 required), 3.5 can't be a 2.88 if working with KF
  • Software that comes with each dumping solution
  • Dump at least once and/or put retry count high, especially for older media
  1. Numbered list of methods, with the top one being the most preferred/used method
  1. With in-page links to each method

Description, tools needed, and expected outcome

Description, tools needed, and expected outcome

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