Floppy disks (WIP)

If you need help, please come chat with us on the VGPC or No-Intro discord servers.

cassette tape repair:

Basic info from Darksabre76: KryoFlux, Greaseweazel, SCP as options for most, ZoomFloppy and Applesauce (???) for C64 and Apple respectively

  • Compatible drive needed. 5.25 generally all work (flippy-modified drive for KF + C64 required), 3.5 can't be a 2.88 if working with KF
  • Software that comes with each dumping solution
  • Dump at least once and/or put retry count high, especially for older media

Hit Save! has Pauline floppy disk dumping kits available for community members to borrow.

Pauline is an open source tool that connects to floppy disk drives and dumps their contents.

Once you've dumped your games, it's time to generate and submit metadata to a preservation project for validating and cataloging. See the dump submission instructions for more information.

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